Quality Standards

As a leading manufacturer in Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank technology, Permastore consistently publish detailed Quality Standards for the full range of available finishes.
The PERMASTORE® family of glasses incorporating ISOFUSION® V700, HV ISOFUSION®, TRIFUSION®, TRIFUSION® PLUS and ECOFUSION®, provides the optimum choice for customers for their containment needs. This gives cost effective solutions in applications ranging from storage of agricultural slurry to very aggressive industrial effluents.
For more details of which finish is suitable for your specific containment requirements see our Application Guide

Applications including Potable Water, Municipal Sludge Storage / Treatment, Edible / Vegetable Oils, Dry Bulk Solids, Farm Digesters, Storm / Fire Water, Filter Tanks, Municipal Mesophilic Digesters (Liquid Zone)

Applications including Drinking Water, Municipal Effluents

Applications including Municipal Sludge Storage / Treatment (tanks with roof), Industrial effluents, Aeration Process, Glass-Fused-to-Steel Floors, Food Process Washings, Liquid Leachates, Mesophilic / Thermophilic digestion, Underground / Partially Backfilled Tanks

Applications include Thermophilic Digestion, Aggressive / Chemical Industrial Effluents, High Temperature Applications

Applications including Agricultural Slurry and Silos