Tank Surveys

Our tank repairs & surveys

  • Replicate obsolete sheet panels and tanks
  • Build on existing foundations
  • Design and frabricate to existing tank specifications
  • Make repairs to individual plates
  • Replace existing tanks at less than 30% the total cost of infrastructure
  • Are environmentally sound

Tank Surveys

By implementing a survey and repair programe now, you can arm yourself with the information required to extend the life of your tanks considerably. This will enable you to plan, budget and schedule for the eventual replacement of your tanks at your convenience not your inconvenience. There have sites where many tanks have been installed at the same time, the effect of these tanks failing within a similar time frame can cause major disruption to plant operations, leading to massive costs in tankering, overtime and clean up.

These tanks do not have catastrophic failures, but give tell-tale signs that there is a problem long before it reaches a critical level. By repairing and refurbishing at this early stage of deterioration we can significantly extend the working life of a tank.

Being aware of the condition of your tanks

  • Keeps you in control
  • Minimises environmental situations
  • Can save on costly down time
  • Saves on clean up and tankering

Tank Repairs Require Rapid Response

Hayes GFS have over 20 years experience in the water industry and understand the problems created when a tank fails or is declared unfit for purpose. We are able to repair and recommission a large percentage of these tanks quickly, effectively and with minimal disruption.

We appreciate the need for a rapid response when a tank starts to leak and for this reason we keep in stock a wide range of materials to enable us to carry out emergency repairs quickly.

Tank Refurbishment

Millions of pounds has been invested in storage tanks over the last 40 years, with earlier tanks having design lives of only 20 years, these are now starting to develop problems, tanks which have had minimal or no maintenance during this time are now showing signs of deterioration.

We have refurbished or replaced hundreds of tanks throughout the UK, most supplied by companies that have come and gone.

With Hayes GFS’s on site experience, production and fabrication skills, we are able reproduce and replicate obsolete sheet panels and tanks.

When looking at the cost of the infrastructure surrounding a tank in commission, the cost percentage relating to the actual tank is less than 30%. Everything is in place with the existing tank, from foundations to roof, pipe work, pumps, conical bases, access platforms, stairs and there it is, a tank of a size which nobody makes anymore!

Hayes GFS are able design and fabricate like for like, giving us the ability to utilise existing location and equipment.

In some of the most aggressive environments this industry knows, Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks have out lasted any other coated system tanks on the market.

Working closely with our clients, we are able to minimise disruption when it comes to refurb or replacement.

Whether its a one-off repair plate or a complete dismantle and rebuild, we offer a one stop shop, from isolation of tank, to recommissioning.